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October 20, 2017
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November 28, 2017

Trump. Opioids. Pot.

When an industries’ top competitor gets devastating news, typically the next best market emerges. The nation’s largest painkiller for years, opioids are no exception.  We all are familiar with today’s opioid epidemic; whether we have experienced the loss of someone personal to us because of it, read about it, or maybe even watched Netflix’ new series, Heroin(e). Either way, the statistics are horrifying. According to, from 1999-2015 the number of opioid prescriptions quadrupled, and now 91 Americans die per day from opioid related overdoses. To add to the already horrible case against the drug(s), President Donald Trump just declared the opioid problem a Public Health Emergency. So, this raises the question, what is the pain killing industries next emerging market?

Many would point to Marijuana as next in line, and all signs seem to agree. It’s important to mention that the publicity resulting from video evidence of marijuana effectively treating illnesses such as Parkinson’s has begun to change the perception of the average American. The continual movement of state governments to create processes and procedures around the industry only goes to show further that the growth of marijuana use for medical illnesses is imminent.

Recently, to add to the case for cannabis being the cure, a study was performed by Cal Berkley and Kent State colleges. In the study, they interviewed 2,810 patients who were currently using cannabis to treat pain, and out of those patients 828 of them had also reported to have used opioids as recent at six months prior (

The study came to some intriguing conclusions:

  • 93% of patients prefer cannabis over opioids for managing pain
  • 97% agreed that cannabis allows them to decrease opioid use
  • 81% strongly agreed that taking cannabis alone was more effective at treating their condition than taking cannabis with opioids

To sum it up – Opioids kill almost 100 people a day… Trump declared the epidemic a public health emergency… Marijuana has been proven to mitigate the effects of, and even cure several illnesses… Professional studies have been performed showing cannabis is the preferred option… And governments are making changes to promote the expansion of the cannabis industry…

Maybe I’m wrong, but overwhelming evidence has me convinced.  What do you think? Comment below, like and share!

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