Look on the Bright Side
January 15, 2018

The Journey

Green State Insurance with retired NFL star, Ricky Williams

Man, life’s a journey isn’t it? We’ve all had obstacles thrown our way at one point or another. I, for one, was forced to move from my hometown of Los Angeles during my senior year in high school, leave all my friends and adapt to an entirely new lifestyle, climate and family situation in good ol’ Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not too long after that, I had my son during my last semester in college; which undoubtedly prohibited me from being able to relocate and establish a career in the real world (or so I thought).

What I learned from situations like the ones mentioned above is that things always work themselves out in one way or another. What’s important is that you find your way through the struggles, try to remain positive, work hard and overcome obstacles.

I’m sure many of the entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry who read my posts can relate-  leaving a cushy job, sacrificing your family’s savings, or whatever your journey into the marijuana business was… It’s HARD. Keeping up on legislation, lobbying, constant worry due to uncertainty. There are so many other factors that go into starting a business in this market that other entrepreneurs typically would never have to worry about. I am simply providing a professional service to the industry, not touching product in anyway…. and yet I am still not even able to use Google or Facebook Adwords to increase SEO.

Believe me, there has been more than one occasion early on where I thought about hanging up the cleats on Green State. But we grinded it out, tried new things and eventually came to the position where we are today, and that is on our journey to expanding our business on the East Coast. We have been blessed to be able to conquer the obstacles and establish an insurance agency solely focused on Cannabis. Our carrier partners are not only competitive, but also share all our visions in regard to the importance of growing the marijuana market.

Securing insurance isn’t always the easiest thing to do for new businesses in this industry. Most agencies don’t have the time to keep up on city or local ordinances, laws, and other things that are important to know about writing coverage on marijuana businesses. We are passionate about it, and genuinely want you to be able to grow your operation while having peace of mind that everything you worked so hard for throughout your journey is covered.

Thank you so much for sharing this message. Hopefully we can meet with you in your respective states when we visit in the next 2 months. Let’s grow this thing together!!!! Keep fighting.

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