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November 28, 2017
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Look on the Bright Side

“It could precipitate a legal battle with California and other states – possibly overturning the authority of the federal government to even regulate legal cannabis businesses ” —Michael Chernis, LA based attorney and cannabis expert

If you hadn’t heard the news yet, Jeff Sessions announced that he will be rescinding the Cole Memo. And if you aren’t familiar with the memo, it was put into place by Obama to give states, rather than the feds, full control in establishing and monitoring the cannabis industry in their respective territories.

Now, I’ll be first to admit that I’m not focused and or knowledgeable on politics whatsoever. For the most part I try to stay away. However, when political announcements are made that affect the industry I’m in, my ears naturally perk up, and I try to get as much expert advice on the topic as possible.

This announcement was met with concern and fear by industry professionals, including myself. And with so much uncertainty surrounding cannabis, it is extremely important to be able to adapt, but even more important to always try and see the positives when things don’t go as expected. So I got to thinking…

Presidential approval polls are coming back far lower than ones for the legalization of medical cannabis. Sessions didn’t say he was cracking down on businesses… Who knows, maybe he is trying to get federal control because they plan to open the industry at that level? Then I got a reassuring sign later that night as I was watching intervention and a statistic came across the screen-

There are also 91 opioid related overdose deaths per day! Colorado and other states have already been using marijuana tax dollars to give back to causes that help combat the opioid epidemic that is sweeping our country. After coupling that information with the fact that all of the 8 recreational legal cannabis states were made legal by voters at the ballot box, my concerns became eased, and Mr. Chernis’ assertion that the feds are losing control gained more merit.

This industry is currently doing so much good regarding medical advancement and revitalizing state governments. Additionally, the perception of Americans has changed, with surveys showing most Americans prefer prohibition is ended and voters approving legal weed in their states. It’s now not necessarily a matter of if, but rather a matter of when.

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